Best Ironing Board • Reviews & Buying Guide for 2023

Back in the days where using hand-wash detergent and a clothes drying rack was more common and a sewing machine was a staple in the home, most people had to iron frequently. Having a good steam iron and heavy ironing board was a necessity. Pressing shirts, pants and even sheets was expected and options like… […]

Best Steam Iron • Reviews & Buying Guide for 2023

Pity the poor souls who had to use the original flat irons heated on a wood burning stove! Electric models finally showed up in the late 1800s but they were far from the sleek effective ones available today. An overflowing laundry basket is much easier to deal with now. We get to use an automatic… […]

Best Ironing Board Cover • Reviews & Buying Guide for 2023

There are all sorts of laundry aides available nowadays. Instead of always using hand-wash detergent and a washbasin to wash clothing, we have a washing machine and specialized laundry detergent for everyone. A clothes drying rack for delicates may still be needed, but almost everyone has access to an electric or gas clothes dryer. Well-equipped… […]